How Much Discrimination Can Young People In Care Take?

One of the things I sometimes do is Guest blog for Lisa Cherry. I’ve written six articles mostly about care leavers. After I attended the Brathay Trust, Flying on the Ground Conference I reflected on the experience.

What I saw at the Brathay Trust was very special. On the first night I arrived, I read up a little about the house I was staying in. I learnt that Wordsworth, Coleridge and Constable, had all stayed there writing and painting so I knew I was in good company. I also learnt that a lot of care experienced young people stay at Ambleside. I had a lovely view of the lake and while I was unpacking could hear loads of noisy children running around and having fun. When my children were younger I used to love staying in youth hostels as they reminded me of the children’s homes I had lived in. Brathay reminded me of those feelings and for a few seconds I really felt as if I had come home.

You can read more of this article here 

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