How Is The Identity of The Care Leaver Represented in Fiction?

One of the things I sometimes do is Guest blog for Lisa Cherry. I’ve written six articles mostly about care leavers. Last October I was invited by The Brathay Trust to present the beginnings of my research about care leavers as part of the National Care Leavers’ Week whose theme was New Belongings. It is also the title given to a project run by The Care Leavers’ Foundation inspired by expressions of loneliness, dislocation and segregation by care leavers.

I spent 16 years in children’s homes and institutions whilst growing up and thus have a personal interest in the needs of young people in care and the ongoing needs of care leavers. As Lemn Sissay says, I didn’t leave care, care left me. I still feel the trauma and stigma that being in care left imprinted in my body like the letters in a stick of rock…

The article also looks at the foundations of the Every Child Leaving Care Matters (ECLCM) campaign which I helped to set up.

You can read more of this article here

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