How Can We Change A Culture of Denial For Our Most Vulnerable Children?

One of the things I sometimes do is Guest blog for Lisa Cherry. I’ve written six articles mostly about care leavers. Back in March I wrote about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaking about The Danger of a Single Story. Whilst watching the talk I began to think about care leavers and how they often get labelled with a single story of failure and often much worse. Often these vulnerable children are unprotected and become victims of sexual abuse. The power of the single story told over and over again creates a culture of blame on the child in care who was (it was said) difficult or precoous or worse still displays sexualised behaviour – this language achieves nothing and allows the abusers to get away with their horrendous crimes.

Ms Adichie talks about the consequences of a single story and how this can become the only story, and that this can rob people of their dignity and make our recognition of an equal humanity difficult. What she means by this is that it emphasizes difference rather than similarity, and how some stories can be used to disposess and malign. Create the single story and people as one thing, and as only one thing, over and over again and that is what they become…

You can read more of this article here 

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