Shadow Baby by Margaret Forster

Day 21  and in fiction: #ShadowBaby by Margaret Forster

Shadow Baby (1996) by Margaret Forster, explores the social changes of babies born out of wedlock at the end of the 19th Century and in the 1950s.

Born in Carlisle in 1887, brought up in a children’s home and by reluctant relatives, Evie, with her wild hair and unassuming ways, seems a quiet, undemanding child.

Shona, born almost seventy years later, is headstrong and striking. She grows up in comfort and security in Scotland, the only child of doting parents. But there are, as she discovers, unanswered questions about her past.

The two girls have only one thing in common: both were abandoned as babies by their mothers. Different times, different circumstances, but these two girls grow up sharing the same obsession. Each sets out to stalk and then haunt her natural mother. Both mothers dread disclosure; both daughters seek emotional compensation and, ultimately, revenge.

On my shelf of favourites, Forster explores the contrasting times, both in attitudes to women and the options on offer for girls who find themselves pregnant and unmarried.


Shadow Baby was first published by Chatto and Windus and is now published by Vintage

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