Island by Jane Rogers

#AdventCalendar Day 2 #orphans and #CareExperience in fiction: #Island by Jane Rogers.

IslandNikki Black (her third name) has been shunted from various foster and residential children’s homes. ‘Nikki Black. With Teeth. The spelling matters.’ Goes to the island to murder her mother. The island is a place where things are not quite as they appear; a magical place where the murder of a reclusive woman is not a cut and dried case. This a fairy story for adults, the book is filled with myths, legends and fairy tales – the island is a magical place. Nikki, is intent on punishing the mother who abandoned her at birth, she goes to the island with only one aim in mind: revenge. But her plans are confounded by the discovery that she has a brother. Not just any brother but a brother strangely possessed by their mother; a brother with a terrifying violent streak; an apparent simpleton whose head is filled with the stories of past islanders, Crofters, Vikings, Little People. A brother whose dangerous love and strange way of seeing the world transform Nikki’s life.

This is a book about love and transformation. What love can enable you to do, what love can do to you and what happens when you simply love another.


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