Care Experienced Authors

Memoir/Autobiography/Fiction/Non-fiction books written by authors with care experience:

Letters to Gil by Malik Al Nasir*

Call Me Auntie by Anne Harrison

Beyond the Orphanage by Deborah Dzifah Tamakloe*

The Good Guy by Susan Beale

A Conversation With Katharine Norbury

A Conversation With Alex Wheatle

Lowborn by Kerry Hudson

A Conversation With Kirsty Capes

A Conversation With Paolo Hewitt

A Conversation With Ben Westwood

W. B. Yeats’s poem ‘The Stolen Child’ by Bernadette McBride

Parragirls: Reimagining Parramatta Girls Home Through Art and Memory. 

A Conversation With Dee Michell

A Conversation With David Jackson

A Conversation With Allan Jenkins

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories compiled by Kate Shayler*

Shaped by Silence by Rie Crollby*

Jae-Dee Survives the Home of Many Mothers by Jae-Dee Collier*

No One Was Watching by Annie Horner*

Girl With Dove: A Life Built By Books by Sally Bayley

Oi, You F*cker by Snowball*

The Brightness of Stars by Lisa Cherry

The English Daughter by Maggie Wadey

Q&A with Gulwali Passarlay Author of The Lightless Sky

The Fish Ladder by Katharine Norbury

But We All Shine On By Paolo Hewitt



*Book Reviews by Dee Michell